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The Centre

The Centre européen de Transposition (CeT) was founded by a team of experts who took part in the enlargement of the European Union. These experts were requested to bring their assistance to complete the transposition of the Acquis Communautaire, so that the Central and Eastern European countries could integrate the Single Market. The experience gained between 1993 and 2007 became the basis of the regulatory intelligence software developed afterwards by CeT.

The purpose of CeT is to contribute to the harmony of the national laws through:

  • best practice tables
  • interconnection of legal systems
  • monitoring of interested parties.

Heading toward this aim, four new tools have been achieved:

  • the Single table of Correlation (StC) collects the various national legislations, in one common reference language
  • the Eu-Refer Network (ErN) organises the participation of the interested parties
  • the Mutual evaluation Module (MeM) compares, evaluates and comments public policies
  • the Computer assisted Transposition (CaT) interconnects the authorities in charge of the enforcement of the laws transposed in the concerned countries.



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