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Consultation of interested parties on GMOs

Title: GMOs: Soon a new law in France?

Fact: Directive of 12 March 2001 regulates the deliberate release into the environment of genetically modified organisms protection.

Summary: The correct transposition of a Directive requires conformity of the national measures to the Directive and to the European law in general. According to the French Council of State, the conformity of the national measures to the Constitution and to general principles of law of the transposing State is also required. The article explains why the Conseil d’Etat invalidates parts of the decrees of 2007 which transpose the Directive. Experts know that good implementation requires a real involvement of the citizens and their representatives. In this article, Mr. Roussel quotes the French Secretary of State for Ecology, Chantal Jouanno, who launched the idea of a law or a directive that would set the"requirements for public consultation on environmental issues."

Extract:  Seized in 2007 by the Committee of research and independent information on genetic engineering (Crii-gen), the Conseil d’Etat considered that provisions relating to the information of the citizens in this area could not be treated by a simple decree but that a law .

Date:  29/12/2009


Information on GMOs is a right protected by law


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