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Demand by law

Fact: 2009 was negative since the market of Building Management Systems (BMS) is moving in France from a growth of 5.1% to a decline of 6.5%. Tighter budgets, projects delayed for lack of funding, the crisis in the building that obscures visibility, are some of the causes that move the brake on the market. Public policies should not be more favourable in the near future for this highly promissing sector.

Summary:  Directive 2010/31 requires (article 9) that by 31 December 2020, all new buildings are nearly zero energy building. Real implementation of demand by law would probably boost growth in this sector, as in many others, if citizens' awareness, quality implementation with the participation of all stakeholders and required investments' protection, was achieved.

Extract:  Nevertheless positive factors remain since there are now standardized communication protocols and an effective implementation of EU Directive on energy efficiency in buildings (EN 15232 calculations on energy efficiency).

Date:  27/05/2010


Real implementation of the directives would boost growth by law


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