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EuRefer Plan

Title: EuRefer 2016

Summary:  The aim of the EuRefer Association is to set Committees of Referents in order to:
• Inform the citizens about transposition.
• Compare implemented policies.
• Promote the best practice.

Phase 1.- Preparation (2011-2012)
EuRefer has developped a pilot project to activate  the participation of stakeholders using network computer tools. A training workshop was organised in Ventron - Les Vosges. Fuel Quality Directive was labeled and a  Single table of Correlation was edited comparing the legislations of France and Romania.  The first French Committee of referents took place in Paris on March 2012. The Single table of Correlation helped locate the causes of the deficit in transposing the directive, to highlight the defect of its implementation as far as the consumers and the environment are concerned and to evaluate the importance of the potential improvement.
An electronic forum software was developed. Minutes of the first meeting were published on the EuReferNet to ensure the traceability of the work and to prepare the next meetings which are programmed in several Member States.
The specifications of the Mutual evaluation Module for the participation of the citizens to the assessment were developed in 2011-2012. A call for tenders was launched at the beginning of the summer 2012 to select the software developers. The first version of MeM was put online on the Internet in January 2013. The first evaluation will start in Autumn.

Phase 2.- Action (2012-2013)
EuRefer reformed its rules in order to promote intranet for its representation at national levels. Three criteria were used to select three priority areas for mutual evaluation:
•    High practice of quality management: Air Law Directives.
•    Environment: Energy Directives.
•    Employment: Services Directives.
An editor was appointed in March 2013 to implement the first network of committees of referents in the countries members of the European Civil Aviation Conference. His mission is to recruit coaches and referents and to load on the MeM, from June 2013, all the necessary information to start the evaluation of the implementation of the first Air Law Directive.
Autumn 2013, when operations concerning Air Law will be sufficiently advanced, further networks will be set up to evaluate the transposition of the directives on Energy and Services.

Phase 3.- Leverage (2013-2016)
The two main 2016 objectives are to:
•    Have published Collections of national Measures about more than a 100 directives (6% of the potential).
•    Have set up 500 Committees of Referents involved in the transposition of the new directives (12% of the potential).
Provided these objectives, EuRefer2012 will seriously improve the transposition:
•    Citizens will play a significant role in the evaluation of public policies through MeM software.
•    Collection of national Measures will promote best practice.
•    Computer assisted Transposition will ensure smooth, fast and efficient implementation of the Directives in a growing number of Member States.

Date: 27/03/2013

The power of democracy lies in the conscience of each citizen

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