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Global climate change control

Title: World leadership : Europe's backup

Fact : Before Copenhagen summit, Europe was the world leader in climate change control.

Summary : In place of investing in the green growth and exporting its benefits, Europe argues about third countries' objectives. The reluctance of European governments in continuing the green control path is obvious. History may judge harshly a time when it was possible to reduce for relatively low cost the European carbon footprint. Europe should not have required objectives to third countries. It should have proposed action (directives, implementation and investments). Today, after the joint conference of French and German, one could feel that green growth objectives are considered too ambitious for present industries.

Extracts : Paris and Berlin have a selective reading of recent history. "Our conditional offer [30%] remains but we still do not know those of other countries".

Date: 27/05/2010


Europe owns the means for leadership in global climate change control

source: http://www.journaldelenvironnement.net/article/l-europe-devrait-renoncer-au-leadership-mondial-sur-le-climat,17484

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