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UniRefer is an association designed to federate regional associations and local associations. EuRefer, the regional association for the European Union, organises the network of referents to empower the stakeholders in the mutual evaluation process of the national measures implementing the source regulations in each Member State.

Eu-refer Network (ErN) interconnects the:

  1. Team of Editors at EU level.
  2. Committee of Referents representing the Stakeholders at National level.
  3. Groups of Stakeholders at sectorial and local levels.
  4. Citizens at EU and National levels.

The referents organise efficiently the participation of citizens and stakeholders to the evaluation of the implementation of directives


Referents are responsible for managing the sectorial and local forums (3). The Stakeholders provide their opinion about the directive‘s transposition and implementation. Each of these opinions are reported by the responsible Referent and discussed within the Committee (2). The Editors discuss the national opinions provided by their Committee at the European level (1). Each Editor reports to his National Committee about the other Member States’ best practice (2).


The first conclusion of each Committee is published on the Mutual evaluation Module (MeM).  The Citizens evaluate the Member States’ practice, taking into account their own national culture, and publish their evaluation on the MeM (4). After a second evaluation of each Committee the various reports are submitted for publication to the Observatory of the European Citizens.

The Observatory of the European Citizens observes the implementation of the source regulation. It certifies the results of the evaluation in accordance with the quality protocole ruling the observation.






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