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Participative consensus

Title: Transposition Symposium of the University of  Montpellier (2008)

Fact: The strength of a law mainly depends on the support of stakeholders and citizens

Summary: Stakeholders should participate at national level to the elaboration, transposition and implementation of a directive. Participative consensus facilitates fast, conform and efficient implementation. Member State are recommended to launch participative impact study at the very beginning of the process to assess the existing regulations and the national best practices in the concerned field. Such study concerning legislation as well as administrative and social practice, jurisprudence and public opinion should be renewed when the directive is being transposed. During the whole life of the directive, stakeholders should be consulted about the continuous improvement of the implementation national measures.

Extract: "The White Book on European Governance recommends to establish 'minimal consultation norms on European Union Policy'. Within this process, impact studies may benefit to the definition and enforcement of a consultation methodology of stakeholders".
Date:  11/02/2009

Participative consensus must be achieved before during and after transposition

source: http://www.scribd.com/doc/8202026/Transposition-Correcte

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