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Protection against piracy in Sweden

Title: Sweden: first plaintiffs soon.

Fact: IPRED (Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive) is the Directive which prosecutes infringements against author, patent and brand rights and which facilitates law-suits against the pirates of the net. It allows plaintiffs to access to personal information of Internet users who share files illegally. This Directive was transposed into Swedish law.

Summary: More than five months after, the law has never been used. Indeed, no complaint has yet been registered in this framework.  Worse, except April, a significant decline in traffic has been recorded during last months, whereas the law is not only punitive, but also preventive.

Extract: According to Henrik Pontén: "The majority of Internet traffic is related to file sharing There is no other explanation to analyze the decline in overall traffic since the entry into force of the IPRED law."

Date: 10/09/2009


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Link: http://www.numerama.com/magazine/13854-suede-bientot-les-premieres-plaintes-de-l-ifpi-grace-al-ipred.html


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