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Transposition by ordinance

Fact: The first condition for correct transposition is to be on time.

Summary: Because of bad tools, weak process and lack of training, several Member States are chronically late. To reduce delays, they skip the debate and consultation of stakeholders, sometimes ask lawyers to prepare the legislation, and enforce the national measures by ordinance.

Extract: "... the government asks parliament power to legislate by ordinance. So to transpose by a single vote and without debate, more than fourty directives ! This was the case under Raffarin and De Villepin. It is highlyshocking", writes Michel Grelier.

Date:  17/06/2009



Ordinance is a short cut which prevents participation and debates

source: http://www.lavoixdunord.fr/France_Monde/actualite/Secteur_France_Monde/2009/06/02/article_la-commission-europeenne-veille-a-la-tr.shtml

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