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When should CaT be used: before of after transposition?

The software should be used before:
- to express a national point of view before the design of a directive
- to assess the regulatory impact on the national legislation

The software should be used after:
- to transpose a new directive
- to assess the conformity of national legislation
- to finalize, edit and print tables of concordance
- to follow up periodically the efficiency of the implementation.

Does CaT provide a STEP for impact ASSESSMENT?

CaT cuts a directive into various labels defined through keywords. These labels provide an efficient assistance to identify the concerned National existing measures and to classify those in the regulatory impact tables. Template for regulatory ASSESSMENT report is provided in CaT.

Concerning an amending directive, may CaT edit a table of national correlation comprising the modified directive, the old legislation and the new proposed legislation?

Yes, CaT can consolidate the amending directive with the existing one, undertake a regulatory ASSESSMENT to provide a table of national correlation showing the impact on existing legislation  and be used for a TRANSPOSITION to provide a table of national correlation showing the proposed new legislation.

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