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Does CaT favour transparency ?

CaT displays the process in realtime and traces it expost step by step. According to existing normes, the participation of stakeholders may be encouraged by the Coordination Protocole and by various interconnections. This participation may be controled by audits organised at the end of each of the process' steps (ASSESS, TRANSPOSE, IMPLEMENT). All the contributions and discussions may be recorded on the provided network.
Every year, the implementation of each decisve provision of a Directive may be audited by an independant certifier according to a Plan Do Check Act process.

How should CaT be used when the implementation measures are not expressly listed in the European legislation?

CaT uses the 'decisive label' to identify provision where implementation measures are requested by the European legislation. Indeed, precise implementation measures are normally not defined by the European legislation and depend on internal decisions of the responsible Member State. The protocole of the coordinating authorities may authorise ‘executive measures’ which are not directly dependant on the labelled provisions of the Directive. Such labels may concern the enforcement of penalties, civil damages, administrative measures, advertising, training programmes...

Can the software be used to “implement” a directive?

Yes, CaT provides plan do check act to set objectives, tasks, check the implementation and define new measures to improve their enforcement.

What would be the use of CaT concerning an already transposed legislation?

One may label an already transposed legislation to improve its consistency, to update it according to amendments or to operate a codification. Such work will provide a national data bank that will serve internal interests as well as international. For example, a growing demand for transposition assistance comes from associate states.
One may also use labelled provision to follow and improve the implementation of the directives. This is the sixth sept of CaT software: IMPLEMENT.

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