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Does CaT use consolidated directive or may it amend an original directive?

CaT uses a process to amend the original directive. This active directive is usually compared to a consolidated version for authentication purpose.

Are labels common to many directives?

Yes indeed.
The labels are designed in such a way that they are used as a standard for all member states to exchange good practice.
The approximation of national provisions also allows a better consistency of the internal legislation.

What are labels used for?

Labels are used to provide a standard framework in order to distinguish non action, verbatim and decisive provisions.
Such distinction:
- eases the understanding of the directives;
- facilitates approximation between national legislation and the various provisions of a directive through simple and permanent directories;
- focusses the discussion, the audit and implementation on decisive provisions;
- allows full traceability of the impact, transposition and implementation of all the country's directives;

What does Dirlab mean?

Dirlab is the name of the whole system based on Directive labels designed to harmonise national regulations. It includes Single table of Correlation (StC), Computer-assisted Transposition (CaT), Mutual evaluation Module (MeM), Uni-refer Netwok (UrN) and several quality protocols.
This system must answer three requirements:
- fast transposition
- compliant legislation
- quality implementation.

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