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Does CaT provide access to the transposed legislation of other member states?

CaT provides access to other member states’ legislation in a simple and efficient manner. Thanks to standard labels, access to comparisons as far as impact, transposition and implementation are concerned may be obtained immediately.

Can CaT be used to edit a table of correlation for one directive transposed by different normative acts?

Yes, the software does handle this type of work. Each portion text may be traced by a specific code to identify its origin. Of course, in such a case the use of the RIDe indicator to assess conformity, will appear more difficult.

Is gold plating encouraged by CaT?

CaT does not encourage gold plating.
The advised Coordination Protocole recommends verbatim transposition wherever possible and close to the field implementation where necessary. This recommendation may be enforced through certification. Final answer belongs to Transposition and Implementation Authority and to the Stakeholders ot the Directive, not to CaT.

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